Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tired but changes

I am exhausted. I worked 12 hours yesterday and 9 today... tomorrow I go back for more.
=( The powers that be are changing up the work hours and I am not sure what I think. The afternoon shift will end earlier but the am shift starts at 6am. I don't think I can swing that long-term very well. I am considering asking the medical director if they will let me work 2 12 hr shifts on Saturday and Sunday from 12p-12a. If I did 6 12's and then 1 evening per month, that would get me about 80 hours. I think that is sustainable for us. We are slowly going under with me working 10-11 shifts per month. T and I never have any time together, like a whole day off and we all don't have any family time. I wonder if the work folks will be interested in me working the 12's. My only hope is that the would rather work Sat and Sun am's and be off in the afternoons. My pro's are dependable, routine work hours for me, a weekend off every month, getting home after H is in bed (so my work smellies don't bother her) and so that I can quit doing these crazy Monday evenings. The con's are long shifts and being gone 2 evenings a week. I think the pro's are winning out for me right now. Will be emailing the scheduler this week to feel things out.

Thanks for listening and letting me get the thoughts "on paper."

For family news, H got her first "2 wheeler" today and she is so excited and nervous that it isn't even funny. She was crying, sad and nervous about it one moment and thrilled to have a big girl bike the next. Would be funny if it weren't my baby who is going to be 6 in several months. I can't believe she is such a big little girl. And I am so thankful that she is eating and happy most of the time.

Happy Sunday!

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