Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Hobby Business

I did it... I ordered enough beads and accessories to make 4 or so necklaces. Since H and I made the Christmas presents, I found that I enjoy beading. AND with glass, stone or crystal beads, H nor I feel bad or get sick. So, to vent my creative side and attempt to keep myself sane, I am going to embark on trying to sell a few creations here and there. I truly wish that I could sew at home but it would make all of us feel ill so a-beading we will go. ;)

I have had 6 days off and it is lovely. I wish that I could make enough with this little venture to keep me from going to work. But, the travails of making too much money at work is that it is not easily replaced with simply making a few beaded creations. =( If the beading can just fill the need to "do something" and loving colors and making things in addition to breaking even on costs, then we might do ok.

I have to bathe the girl... off to have a great evening!

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