Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flu Season

Happy February! It was a busy end to January. T and I both got sick and I spent all of one week (between working the weekends) recovering from high fever, cough, congestion and horrid myalgias. The 2 weeks after that have been consumed with working and trying to keep H busy.

We went hiking with some homeschooling friends on Friday and then went to play group. We spent from 9am to 5pm outside playing. It was marvelous and beautiful outside. I am so thankful that we can be outside and enjoy the beauty.

H and I are trying to do scheduled "school work" each day. We have just been using her laminated reading sheets periodically but last week, we started doing 10 minutes a day of working on practice. Also, I made her some "math worksheets" that she does addition on. We have paper that is unbleached, recycled paper and hemp and she doesn't seem to react to it much at all. She is in heaven to get to write and "do school work" like she imagines all the other kids doing. I just want her to like learning and not force her to do things at this point. Hopefully ever, truly, but I don't think that is realistic. I see my role in her schooling as helping her to learn to love learning and reading and exploring. I pray that it stays that way!

Lots to do today since I worked last night and the weekend. Big piles of laundry, floor needs sweeping, cooking to be done... I love it!

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