Monday, April 07, 2008

Pretzel Bites here

We have found another staple in the chickpea/NB diet. We use an icing bag and pipe out shapes and rounds into "pretzel bites." They are salty and crunchy and totally different than our cereal. It has helped me so much to have something "chip" like to munch on. And H has started eating them too. At first, she didn't want anything to do with them but gradually, she has started munching too. =) Now we are making them twice weekly and eating them all in 3 days. Hooray!

It is officially spring here - the trees are completely leafed out (except the pecans) and the irises have bloomed beautifully. The down side to this is that all of our neighbors are mowing their grass. We went outside three different times yesterday and were chased inside after a bit by next door neighbors mowing. =(

Bring on the saving $$$ so that we can move. But then I ordered Spell to Read and Write last night, a set of Math U See manipulative blocks and Prima Latina. So much for saving money. Nothing about this child has been cheap and I don't expect it to start now! ;) I am praying for patience and God's timing for our lives.

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