Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thanks for Lunch!

We were sitting down at the table and eating lunch yesterday when Hannah started talking. "Mommy, we are eating lunch! We didn't get to eat lunch when I drank Neocate. I love getting to eat lunch. And my food is so good now!" I had tears in my eyes. She went on for about 3-4 minutes about how much she loved eating and how thankful she was that "Miss Fiona helped us so much." We only at breakfast and supper and Hannah drank Neocate throughout the day prior to starting in the kingdom. I love us all eating the same food and enjoying our meals together.

Our lives look so different this year in comparison to 2007. I am actually working on birthday cake ideas for H. She will be 6 years old and has never had a birthday cake. I need to get beetroot powder and tint everything pink. She would be over-the-moon happy with a pink cake! =D

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