Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nature Exploration and other thoughts

Yesterday H and I went out to friends' house who has 17+ acres and animals. We had a great time marching all over. H and her friends swang on the tire swing, looked at a great big frog, watched guys try to catch goats... We also walked across the "bull pasture" and collected dewberries and searched for kittens. She was hot, red (from being hot) and tired. H went to sleep at 810 and slept until 730 this morning!

I on the other hand, itched and scratched all day. The pollen and being out in the morning made me miserable. I am ready for the tree pollen to go away. Our pecan trees now have the dangling pollen and the mesquite trees out at the farm also had the pollen all over them.

On the building a house subject, I have decided that I need to just stop thinking about another place. I need to focus on keeping this one up and getting it paid for sooner rather than later. If God allows us to build a different house someday, then I will be truly grateful. But I cannot keep struggling to work extra hours just to try and save a bit. I do need to be mindful of not spending too much but I cannot continue to focus, dare I say OBSESS, about building. If we are to work with reproductive endo on another babe, I cannot continue to deal with that and wanting to build. A house is just that, a house. A blessing from God is eternal.

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