Wednesday, June 25, 2008

H's Birthday Party

My girl is 6 years old. Many days I have paced the floor and prayed that God would preserve my daughter and allow her to grow. Her birthday is a reminder that God has answered our prayers with a resounding "YES!" She is growing and thriving and learning.

The picture is of her and her friends at her first *friend* birthday party. All her grandparents came, a great aunt came and the friends came too. We had a lovely time out at Lion's Park and got to visit w/ friends. And I was reminded again that I am so blessed to have a 6 year old girlie.

We love our CP/NB flour food (at least H and I do) and Hannah had birthday cake for the first time this year. With PINK frosting! LOL I am having trouble posting the pink cakes so I will do a separate post with the cake pics. The cakes are good and we will use the recipe again.

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