Monday, June 23, 2008


I am definitely lacking in organization. Some days I get lots done and some days I sit in front of the computer, exhausted. Probably has to do with my work schedule as well. ;) During room time today, I worked on a list of things that we need to do during the week. To me, the weekends are a wash because that is when I work outside our home.

Summer is definitely here. We are hovering around 100 F every day. July and August are just around the corner - this is when everything will bake around here. We walk Amy almost every morning and it is still cool enough to do that. H scraped her knees last week and so we can't swim/water play for another day or so. Her scabs came off last week and she was so traumatized by that. So tomorrow we are going to Gran and Poppie's to water their plants and soak some clothes. We will put the clothes in their washer and then have lunch, feed the mules and walk around. Then I can wash the clothes more here but all the sizing and junk has to be out before I can wash at home.

I am praying for peace about staying here. I really want to move and leave but no house on a regular lot will be better for us than this one is. There is a hunk of dirt for sale out about 25 miles from where we are now. It is not farm land and is hilly and lovely. The problem is that it is 157 acres (yikes) for $510,000. We don't really have a use for 157 acres and we certainly don't have half a million bucks. We really don't want to go into debt hugely for another place and would like to save up $$$ and buy. We have lots of equity in this house so once we sell, we could pay off quite a bit as well. We don't mind having a mortgage again on a new house but we aren't able to spend that kind of money. I keep praying that God will help me wait on him and his timing. But I can't work hard enough to save enough money to buy some place like that. God will have to provide something smaller for us. Maybe he doesn't want us in Central Texas and we are to wait. Oh, that patience muscle hurts so much when it is flexed and strengthened! Please God help me!

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