Tuesday, February 10, 2009


H has been doing our local inclusive HS group coop starting in January. She loves "school" so much that it is cute to see. She says that Monday is the longest day now because school is on Tuesday and she loves school. =D The mamas there are good about not wearing perfume or scented stuff. We still wear our masks inside but she gets to do a movement class (PE) and a storybook class. She is thrilled to get to be a part of this group and I am happy for her to get to participate. We do struggle on Tuesday afternoons though. Today, we stayed 3 hours, instead of 2, to participate in the Valentine celebration. I was headache-y and taking no cr*p as we were leaving and she spent the afternoon on the couch. She kept saying, "I am just so tired Mommy" and "why do I feel bad?" So we talked about needing to leave after 2 hours and that it is good that her PE class is one of those hours. She can't take 2 hours of crafts, glue and paper.

Little One is kicking more and more these days. T felt some kicks 3 nights ago and H got to feel a kick yesterday. H didn't want to sit and wait for the kicks though. She just wanted me to tell her when one was coming... like I can predict that. LOL

I am beat tonight and am off to bed. I got no nap due to snuggling with the sad girl on the couch. But there is no place I would rather be than snuggling with my girl. I am so glad that she still loves me and loves to snuggle.

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