Sunday, May 03, 2009

Another 3 day weekend DONE!

Tonight is Sunday and I have worked the last 3 days. Tired isn't the word, exhausted/wrung out/done is more my status tonight. The weekend wasn't bad, just lots of work for a pregnant lady. I did wear my support stockings all three days though and I think that helped my feet a ton. I have another three day weekend next weekend and then only the Sat/Sun combos left this month. I am so relieved. Back when I signed up for these longer weekends, it was ok and even worth it to have the last weekend of the month off. Now I am just tired. But the money will come in handy for maternity leave and for buying bedding for the kiddos. *giggle* kiddos! Amazing to think that we will soon have two children.

Speaking of that, this little one has been flipping and moving today. I love, love that feeling. Nothing reassures this mom more than those pushes, flutters and turns. But my bladder doesn't always do so well. ;)

Today, H and T made a trip to Gran and Poppy's. They seemed to have a great time and H was so tired that she fell asleep on the couch before I even got home at 745p tonight. She and T watched Lilo & Stitch on Friday (stayed up til 10p) and then was up until 915p last night. So she was tired already and then to run around and play at the grandparents just pushed her to tiredness. She doesn't sleep late so she didn't catch up the last 2 mornings on sleep. So she crashed tonight.

This house is pretty messy. She and I desperately need to fold clothes as no one has any underwear folded anymore. We have clean, just in the big pile in the laundry basket. Ooops! We also need to sweep and cook tomorrow as there are no chippies or veggies in reserve. And we have a end of school party on Tuesday with a midwife appt in the afternoon. Thank goodness that we school at home and I don't have to run her to school every morning. I enjoy our more leisurely pace of being at home and just hanging together and playing outside.

I did more knitting last week but haven't finished the scarf I started. I need to post progress pics though. It is really pretty and the colorway is Selkie - black, purple, blue and green. Just beautiful!

I am off to brush my teeth and fall into bed. Sweet dreams to me!

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