Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The girl can't sleep

It is 1205am and the new girl can't sleep. She is struggling so much. We had a good day with naps and some decent feeding. Then had a chemical issue tonight and she can't sleep. I expect that we will be up until about 2am. We got up at 620 this morning and I am just bushed. I spent the nap times today playing, pretending and snuggling with H. We even had a thunderstorm this afternoon and H and I went outside to see the rain. H tripped and fell and scraped up her hands, knee and her hip. She had a dress on and since she was running, the dress flew up and her right hip got scraped. Poor girl! Then the crap hit the fan with little one and I am just tired. H and T have gotten in bed and left me with a fussing, refluxing baby. Lovely to be the mom, isn't it?

I also wanted to share the nickname for this little one. We have lots of animal names that we call her so we rolled them all into one and call her "skunky grub hawk" LOL She sounds like a hawk when she is tired and crying, like right now. As a matter of fact, she has worn herself out and I think she is asleep on her quilt. So I am going to lay on the couch and see if I can get some rest.

Hope someone else is getting sleep out there as I sure am not!

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