Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Decision Made

God is so gracious... as if I could doubt it. I have been seeing a few nursing home patients in the last 6 months to make ends meet while on maternity leave. I didn't know if I would like it enough to continue once I got back to the ED swing of things. Well, I don't like it. The little old people are nice enough and I do like them. But I don't like the environment of ordering tests and not getting lab back, not being able to care for patients like I want to and the general institutional feel of many of the homes. Yesterday my supervising doc called and we visited. He is frustrated with the local homes here and is going to drop the few he has here. (He is based out of about 40 miles away.) So I have my easy out of leaving the nursing home business without just quitting. I am so relieved. I have been struggling to work my shift at the ED and then on Sundays I have to spend the afternoon seeing NH patients instead of at home with my family. Thank you Lord for providing for us and then getting me out of what I don't like doing. =)

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