Monday, December 14, 2009

Survived Family

Well, the family gathering Sunday went very well. Both girls struggled but we survived and even slept a little bit. =) Skunk woke up at 555a and wouldn't go back to sleep this morning. Not surprising since she took the chemical beating yesterday.

Saturday night I got home from work and started laundry. My 14 year old washing machine let out a terrible thump while spinning and dumped all the water in the tub onto the laundry room floor. So, yesterday after the family gathering, I went to Sears and bought a new washing machine - to go with the new dryer that has been airing out in our garage for about a year. *ironic laughter* Fourteen years is pretty good for the pair. But it made me realize how much I rely on my washing machine and dryer. I do between two and four loads of laundry each evening. Cloth diapering Bear got me in the habit of doing laundry each evening and now I am diapering Skunk. So I have a huge pile of diapers, clothes, kitchen towels and some sheets. Hope that washer doesn't smell bad for long!

Got cereal and muffin cake baked this morning as well - right before the delivery man brought the washer. Tonight I was so crazy that I cooked brussel sprouts. There are many things that make Skunk sick - cooking smelly stuff is one of them and now I am totally nervous that I have put myself in for an awful night. I am praying that somehow we sleep, even if it is together on the couch. Sigh... why did I do that?

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