Sunday, February 21, 2010


The girls have been reacting this week. Bear is clingy, anxious and emotional in addition to not eating well at all. Skunk won't play on the floor at all, is much more arm wave-y and fussy. I don't feel good but I have been hurting like I have been chemical'ed since some time in December. We are still struggling with how to keep the washing machine from making them react and I think that is what is causing the problem this week. We have to change out the filters in the big AllerAir filter and we are going to put it in the laundry room and the smaller Aireox out in the living room. Bear usually does pretty good with chemical stuff that isn't inside the house (except the fertilizer) so this probably is something that is in here. Such puzzles... so precious. Nothing beats girl giggles and little arms around your neck. Maybe little boy giggles but we don't have any of those here. Such precious gifts from God!

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