Friday, March 19, 2010

Better and still working...

We are still here... Skunk is still eating chicken and drinking chickpea milk. We have tried the multivit and she can take it but does react. So have asked Fiona about alternatives for her. We still have big ups and downs and lots of things affect her but we are surviving better than on Neocate. The washing machine is wreaking havoc on all three of us girls. I don't know how long it will take to "air out." Neither girl (nor I for that matter) have been the same since mid-December when we got the washer. Bear struggles and requires bicarb to help with the reflux in the afternoon and evenings. Skunk - poor Skunk- struggles with the oil we use and I think her bucket is just at the brim. She can drink the milk made w/ oil but I still can't cook with it without causing her to have horrid poo, struggle to eat and sleep - just our basic chemical reaction here. Maybe as she can heal? I am praying more than daily for God to provide for them so that they can grow strong and healthy.

Bear has lost more teeth - I think we are up to 6 gone. =) One upper incisor is half in and the other is starting in. Skunk has 2 bottom teeth and the left lateral incisor. My girls don't get their upper front teeth first, they get the side upper ones. I haven't ever seen a baby get teeth in like that but both girls have had it this way. Skunk is scooting backwards and wants badly to go forward. She has gotten good at going from sitting to all fours quickly. It won't be long before she is going where she wants to go. Life is about to change for all of us here when that happens.

Spring is here - trees are dripping pollen and neighbors are mowing. Oh joy!

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