Sunday, March 07, 2010

Treading water

I have been trying to keep my head above water lately. Skunk is up often in the night and *early* in the mornings. Yesterday she was up at 1230am, slept on me until 5 am and then was up. Today, she didn't wake in the night and was up at 545a. She is just unable to sleep - she just lays on me and nose rubs for about 20 minutes. Makes me sad as I walk the floor in the dark.

She has been eating poached chicken breast for about a week and doing great. Today she had 25gms and then 15gms at supper. Tomorrow we stop Neocate and start CP milk. Skunk has only been getting about 420ish calories daily and isn't growing or gaining weight since I quit breastfeeding her. I up her Neocate 1gm at a time or she reacts by spitting up, being unhappy and losing more sleep for a couple days. But she is still off her PPI (for now) and tolerating the probiotic. So since this worked for Bear, we are going to try it for Skunk. As T says, we can always go back to Neocate and just survive, if we have to. I pray that she will drink the milk (it tastes good!) and continue to eat chicken. I would love for her to eat chippies, drink CP milk and chomp chicken!

I am still praying for our home situation. Skunk is up on all fours and pushing backwards, can't go forward yet. =) I would like to be in a place that she can be in more than just her bedroom and the living room/kitchen. I know that God will provide grace for where we are - even if it remains here. I am praying hourly for endurance and I know that he will continue to provide for us in every way.

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