Sunday, June 20, 2010


Skunk is in the midst of her first viral illness. I got sick last weekend at work (amazingly doesn't happen very often) and she got it from me. When Bear was little, she and I passed illnesses back and forth but as she got older, we didn't always catch what the other had. Now I made Skunk sick. She sticks her hands in my mouth, eats and drinks after me and sleeps on me. I don't think I could find a way to keep from making each other sick. She has snot running, has had a fever for 36 hours and is generally more fussy than usual (which is saying something). She will usually play in the floor with me and today, all she wanted me to do was hold her. Tonight she did some crawling but wouldn't get very far from one of us. I am on day 6 of the illness and am much better so hopefully only another day or two to go for her.

Bear goes to the dentist tomorrow morning. It will be hard on her with all their smelly stuff but hopefully she will survive without too much fall out. I have to bake tomorrow as well as we start the last week of our ab's tomorrow night. I am praying for peace and endurance as well as God's healing for Skunk as we finish this home stretch. I really want her to be able to eat cereal and chippies and to be able to tolerate me baking and cooking so that I can do these things for Computer Man and Bear again. It has been a difficult year but God has been faithful to provide.

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