Thursday, August 24, 2006

Allergies are killing me again...

Well, it is another August day in Texas. We ventured outside yesterday afternoon for about 45 minutes and had a good time. We visited with the backyard guardian, Amy the bassett hound, and watered all the plants. H got to swing for a bit which she loves and we walked around and enjoyed the yard. It was hot enough that the mosquitos weren't out yet and we didn't get bit to death.

I have been suffering from the outside exposure as the grass and weed counts are pretty high. Today I have just laid around and done my best to play with H. She has had to be patient as I am just worn out. We have played kickball and drums and marched around the house. So much energy, sure wish I could just send her outside to play and get those wiggles out. LOL

As you can tell, no deep thoughts on this blog... at least not with any regularity. LOL Too tired for that.

Until next time...

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