Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Dog Day of Summer...

Well, this is my first post in my first blog... probably not very exciting. I asked my dh to find a way for me to blog as a way to document our daily lives and H's milestones. He sent me this link and I am on my way. =)

H has grown so much and is changing every day. She can jump really well for being four and is jumping over pillows, legs, dolls and anything else that will stay still. She is obviously not like her flat footed mother who can hardly get off the ground! LOL

She can also spell her name, type it on the computer and write it down, in all capitals, of course. But we think it is pretty amazing that she is four and doing that. She also really wants to read and "do kindegarten/school" so she and I will be embarking on the beginnings of a gentle kindegarten with the homeschool (hs) curriculum, Five in a Row ( . We love reading together and this seems to be a natural way to start "schooling" without high pressure. I actually would rather put schooling off a bit but she is ready and maybe we can take this slow so that she thinks it is more fun than work. School is supposed to be fun and hopefully it will stay that way.

Thanks for reading...

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