Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another week (at least the beginning of one)

Well, we survived a trip to Dallas in August with no air conditioning. It sure was hot but windows rolled down helped us only be hot and not stifled. We did look at newer cars there and I think we have decided on a Honda Accord. It will cause H difficulty as even our 14 year old car does that but... what are we to do? We have to have wheels.

Yesterday we were to have playgroup for our local home school crowd and they moved the playgroup inside as it was scattered raining. H and I were both disappointed. We went driving and looked at a few lots and then spent and hour at a park. We accidently drove by a road work crew laying new oil and rocks. H reacted badly for the rest of the afternoon and evening (think *horrid* gut problems). She and I were both reacting, her to the chemical issues and me to the allergens. What a combination! Today, she has hardly been able to eat and told me this morning, "I just don't want to eat this morning Mommy." Finally at 9am she decided she would eat rice crackers and ate about 20. Thank goodness for Neocate, though she has had trouble drinking that today as well. She has also been exceedingly whiny and clingy today, followed me everywhere in the house.

I have a rippin' headache today and just am exhausted. I want to lay down and put my head under a pillow but who can do that with a four year old cavorting about and needing supervision. LOL So we have had to endure together. Bonding...

Enough whining from me...

I would like to start Hannah's school next week but just feel that I am not ready. If I can scan some stuff this weekend, then we could start. But I will need a couple of hours to scan outside the house in order to be prepared... we shall see. We may shoot for 9-15 instead of 9-5, plus Tuesday is my birthday and maybe I don't want to start school then. Time will tell. I am really looking forward to Five in a Row and H learning to read. She is really ready and it would give her something to do.

I start my new job next week, orientation on 9-7. =) I am totally terrified and excited at the same time. I ordered my new Palm yesterday and hope that it comes before this weekend. I need to play with it a bit and study some prior to next week. I am ready to make some extra money though and help pay for a car and save money for a newer, safer house for us.

Lookout, here comes Nurse Practitioner E! ROFL

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