Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Beautiful, the Cold and the Yucky

I start with a picture of the best part... she found branches and decided to be...

A MOOSE! Cutest one I have seen, not saying much though cause I haven't seen a real one. ;)

Winter isn't over yet. We here in Texas don't have much to call a winter but what we do have keeps showing back up again. Yesterday was marvelous - sunny, 72 degrees, bit of a breeze. H and I met some friends at a park and spent the afternoon playing, digging and I got to hold a baby. =D Today it was warmer at 730am than it is now at 1430 - now is 38 degrees and pouring rain. No going out to play today.

On a good note, my order of flour and baking ingredients got here from Australia. But we are missing H's candy and 1 packet of baking soda. We did get T's pesto jars though so he can try that out.
I am getting the itch to be out on our own land. I really dread our constantly mowing neighbors that will drive us inside this spring and summer. I am praying for patience and God's loving mercy to allow me to wait on him and his perfect timing.

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