Monday, March 03, 2008


Well, God is amazing. Since H and I are on the GF diet, we cannot just go out and buy food. In fact, we order our flours and then I bake up our food. Well, I was low-ish on one of my main flours so I ordered about a week prior to when I would need more. I should have ordered sooner but things just crept up on me. Not only did our flour not come, but I had to get out the blender and make flour from some organic beans that I had ordered about 6 months ago. This is how much flour we had left when our new supply came...Amazing, isn't it! We didn't even have enough to make our bread again. God provided for us just when we had no more. I wanted to post because sometimes I feel like miracles are unusual. Not that these circumstances were miraculous but to me, not being able to feed my girl is bad news. Not to mention me not having anything to eat either. ;)

Jehovah Jireh, God provides!

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