Monday, May 19, 2008

A Good Monday

It is amazing what adequate sleep and not working crazy hours does for me. I worked to shifts this weekend but it is the middle shift and I got to sleep normally. I am tired today but doing well, considering how I spent my weekend surrounded by chemicals. It will take a couple months to back down my schedule to fewer hours since we do the schedule 3 months ahead. But I am looking forward to July and having a weekend off. I also want to do only 2 week-days a month. It is hard on T and I to do the during the week thing. It should be easy but somehow it is hard on us. I like the Friday evenings but he also goes and does D&D at the Webers and goes to Manly night. And I wouldn't want to work every Friday anyway, two a month is plenty for us.

It is supposed to be 94 degrees today. We are going to break out the wading pool and fill it up today. The idea is to play in the yard a while and then wash Amy. Then she can come inside and hang with us and stay cool this evening.

H is practicing writing in her "journal" this morning - doing copy work beside me at the table. I need to work on the Spell to Read and Write while we are outside today. She is so ready to do more with school but I have to get prep done to make things safer for her and organize what we can do.

Well, the HSG is Thursday. The doc's office called and my FSH is high, which means that my pituitary has to work harder than "normal" to get me to ovulate. I am almost 35 years old, so not really surprising. I am going to do the HSG and then we are done with TTC. I will just go back to not doing anything to prevent but if God wants us to have another little one, he is God! I giggle to myself when I think of Sarai having a baby at 80 or 90. God's plan is not hampered by high FSH or my age. He created me and knows exactly what the best plan is. I am kind of glad to get the fertility stuff done. It has been hanging over my head for 2.5 years of wondering if we are going to have to do that again. There are great reasons for having another bub but there is the easy factor of just having Hannah. She is big enough that she is helpful most of the time. =) Time will tell on this one... I can't see the future, nor do I know what is best for us.

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