Thursday, May 07, 2009

Can't sleep

Torture! I woke up at 356am this morning and haven't been able to go back to sleep. It is 504am right now. I laid in bed until 445am and was so hungry that I had to come and eat something. So a piece of cereal and a glass of water later... I will have to pee so bad in an hour since I drank water. Ah, the life of a pregnant woman! ;)

We are going to Whole Foods this morning. I wish I could sleep but I think that I just have lots whirling through my brain. T and I were talking about the nursing home NP work last night. I just don't know what to do. It will cost about $2500 to start up as an independent contractor with the bulk of that cost as the liability insurance. I don't know if I am going to like the work... but work is work. I can do it for 6-12 months to make sure we make money on the deal and then stop if it isn't working for us. But I also want his input on spending that much money at the start of this. We really do need that 2 grand for stuff around here. If I start in a week or so, I can start billing and make back that money before maternity leave in July. Just lots to ponder! I keep praying that God will throw roadblocks in my way if I am not to do the NH work. I wonder if the start up cost is not a roadblock. Or at least enough of a speedbump to warn me off. I do so much better with shorter shifts of 4-6 hours with a baby at home. Committing to 10-11 hours at the ED is almost more than I can deal with.

Ah, now can you see why I am awake and cannot sleep! Since I am not hungry anymore, I am going back to bed to see if I can fall back asleep. Praying usually will put me to sleep as well! Off to talk!

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