Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally happened

H just told me (as she is trying to eat rutabaga) that she thinks her tooth is loose. And sure enough, she has her first loose tooth! She has been praying and wanting a loose tooth and what does she do? Starts crying! ROFL What a funny girl! My baby isn't baby-like anymore. *sniff* I am sure that when she does lose it, there will be even more crying though.

I survived my second to last 3 day weekend. I haven't been taking bicarb after working since it makes my leg cramps worse. But I have been struggling hard with recovering after work. So Saturday and Sunday, I did the bicarb. I felt much better the day after but the leg cramps are bad. I think I prefer leg cramps to how I feel post chemical exposure. But I woke four times with leg cramps, the last time was pretty bad - calf, foot and front of my leg were cramping up. That front muscle cramping just does me in, it hurts so bad.

I also got this awful thing taken off my nose this morning. It even looks better with stitches in there, rather than the big bulbous purple granuloma. It is achey and hurtful but I am so glad that it is gone.

It is room time and I am tired after working all weekend. H isn't excited about room time though. ;)

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