Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update here

Saturday (May 16th) H lost her first tooth. That lower front incisor had been hanging there for about a day. But she didn't want us to pull it. We kept reassuring her that it takes longer than a day for a tooth to get loose enough to fall out. I was at work but T says that she came into the kitchen giggling, tooth in hand. So the "tooth fairy" visited and left her money, 50 cents! She was very pleased and I was pleased to get by with 50 cents.

And Little One is getting tighter and tighter in it's quarters. I feel as though I have a watermelon on my front. I am still struggling mightly with leg cramps. This is probably something that I will just have to endure the rest of the pregnancy. But the kicks and turns are well worth it. I can't turn over in bed easily any more (for about the last week). We had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything continues to look good. Head down, heartbeat good, mom tired... ;)

I am working on finishing Nana's Christmas present. I would like to get Gran's made though H wants to make her a bracelet, not a scarf and earwarmer. Maybe we will do a scarf and bracelet combo?

I have to work this weekend but T and I have Monday off together. Then I have the last weekend in May off. I am going to meet Kathy Kirk and start nursing home work tomorrow. The only thing I don't have is a beeper. Somehow have to get my hands on one this week! I don't want those people to have my home or cell numbers. Must do the beeper! I am praying that the NH works out so that we can have Sundays to be home together. And it will fill in the gap for not working 8+ shifts a month. Though it does mean that I have to make phone calls daily and find time for visits during the week. Again, I am praying both for stamina and wisdom.

Off to bed for me!

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