Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girlie's Birthday!

Today is my girlie's birthday! God has blessed us with 7 years with her. I am so thankful that the last 2-3 have been so much better. We have been on Fiona's program for 23 months and have seen such progress. I broke the rules and started H on food trialing 4 weeks early. I chose a food with a low allergy number for her. She has been trialing peach for a week now. She is loving it and is up to 80ish grams without any trouble. I have cut back on the strawberries the last 2 days and peach has gone much better. She is eating a small peach off the pit and loves it. =) She had a dentist appointment this morning (she loves the dentist) and then we came home and took a walk. She was up "at 5 something" due to excitement and I was up at 6 so we had quiet room time from 1-2p today. We are now baking birthday cakes in the shape of sunflowers and will have those with T tonight. She wants bison and fried okra for supper so that is what we will have. She will also open her presents tonight after T gets home. So I will try and post pictures later this evening.

This weekend was hard for me. I just dreaded knowing that Amy had been gone for a whole week. I worked Fri, Sat and Sun for the last time before the baby. Each evening when I came home, I went out and sat with Amy and cried. There are lots of times that I need "dog therapy" but when I come home from work was one that was very typical. After a really busy shift, there is something wonderful about sitting with Amy and just having her head pushed up against me. She loved just being together and loving.

H is having a hard time with being outside playing w/o Amy. It is also getting pretty hot so I am not pushing the issue right now. I am hot even with being inside, in front of the fan. My belly is getting tight this week and I am getting lots of knees, feet and bottom pushing out. =) This baby is up higher than Hannah got. I am getting kicked in the ribs but not painfully. I have to sit up straight to be comfortable and absolutely cannot lay on my back without being uncomfortable.

Off to finish the cakes and work on supper. Look for those pictures!

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Leah said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! I hope she had a wonderful day!

I didn't realize our little ones were going to be almost identically spaced in ages. Sarah turns 7 just after Dean is due :-)