Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hard Weekend

T had to mow yesterday. We have avoided this like the plague since Skunk was born because of how badly Bear used to react to our yard being mowed. And true to form, we had night waking and a difficult day today. Poor baby!

Bear and I went driving and exploring today by ourselves. She and I haven't been anywhere together since Skunk was born. Today we went driving and found a housing development and walked and drove around. We packed our lunch and had a lovely picnic, just us two. I miss her so much. I am glad that she and I had seven years together before we had another screamer. I so badly want to be in a tight house with a wonderful filtering HVAC system but that costs lots of money. I just don't want to be in debt to our eyeballs and me have to go to work all the time. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. But thank goodness this one is paid for! At least we don't have to consider making the house payment on this one. Praise God!

I am still sad about not feeding Skunk but I am also continuing to try and see how beneficial Neocate is for her. She was struggling so much with being breastfed. This is better for her but it is emotionally difficult for me. I miss that sweet connection but it had become a fight to get her to eat. I need to remember that when I get sad. Thanks be to God for providing for my girls!

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