Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Sad

My dreams are broken for Skunk... I didn't want to do this. I just wanted a baby who could go outside and wasn't so bloomin' chemically sensitive. I wanted to feed my baby myself and not from a bottle. Guess I am not in control, am I? Back to read Job again...

Someone I knew online several years ago had a quote in her siggy - "when something is wrong with my baby, something is wrong with me." I feel so sad that Skunk has to suffer and be so sensitive. There is quite a bit rattling around in my head... the death of a dream, the daily struggle to keep her eating and sleeping, the great lengths that we have to go to in order to keep our girls healthy. No McDonald's or frozen foods or the easy way out for us. I am thankful that God has given them to us so that we can take care of them though. I wonder what other kids do whose parents don't figure out the chemical side of things. I am thankful for a husband who listens to my crazy ideas and jumps through crazy hoops to keep our girls healthy and mostly happy. I just wish, hope and pray that someday we can help them to heal so that they don't have to struggle so much.

Please God... hear the cry of my heart and help my girls

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